Employee Agreement

ACES ETM can exclusively access and use the data on this network/website if employees have been expressly empowered to do so by the LBI. If employees are not sure about ACES ETM or if they are allowed to proceed, stop, and affirm that the authorization status with the official LBI supervisor, they much check the ACES Login privacy policy.

If authorized to do so, employees must however comply with these ACES ETM Terms and the LBI Code of Conduct along with the Information Security Policy, as transformed from period to period. Employees must contact ACES ETM official representatives or the manager for studies of the guidelines accessible at the official ACES Login portal.

Limited Brands ACES respects employee data privacy as employees provide their private data at the ACES ETM portal. However, employees must make sure of expectations of confidentiality in the usage of LBI resources and the network/website or in files, texts, electronic or telephone conversations, or any other data stored, created, issued, received, or presented.

This includes any corporeal communication where employees can send or receive or communications with the web pages that they browse utilizing LBI resources or the network with ACES ETM.

LBI may periodically monitor and inspect the assets and the network/site with automated monitoring tools or manual inspections and continuously monitor and record data about the usage and location of the assets and the network/site, granted this is particularly required by law, applicable law or the procedure.

These ACES ETM assets incorporate but are not restricted to, networks and communication devices, services, and pertinence that workers and contractors use to escort the business.

So for some purpose, the LBI can intercept; Access; collect; utilize; and move, transfer or transmit (including across borders) data communicated by, through, or collected on LBI assets or the network/site. These virtues concern whenever this data is found, inclusive of portable devices and peripherals.

The connection to and usage of LBI or Network / Site assets establishes the consent to be prevented by LBI at ACES ETM portal. Access; acquisition; use; and progress, communicate or transfer this data (also across borders).